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My vision for Submitted Wives is to create a safe space for women to grow and learn to do marriage God's way by helping them understand their role as a wife and uncover any barriers and/or hurt that may be hindering them.  I want to help them learn new strategies to become the best version of themselves so that they can be better helpmates.  I plan to do this by offering one on one wife coaching sessions, small group workshops, wives' night out events, and eventually a conference.



Shenell Latham is a wife, mother, and serial entrepreneur who has a passion for marriage and helping others grow to become their best versions.


While having a heart-to-heart talk with a coworker one day she discovered that she was not alone in her struggles as a wife. Shenell created an online community where others could come and discuss their day-to-day issues in marriages.


This caused her to dig deep into books, classes, seminars, and counseling to bring her newfound information back to the group in hopes she could help save a union, especially her own,


On her journey of self-reflection, her relationship with God deepened and He begin to show her why today's marriages have so much conflict.  This devotional was created to help other amazing, strong women love and trust God and their husbands the way God intended them to.

Can I keep it real?

My wife journey started out with me being unprepared and the first few years were well...raggedy lol.  That is God's honest truth.  It was such a struggle for me because I did not have an example of what a healthy marriage should look like so we were winging it.  I realized that we were two different people trying to merge into this one union and babyyyyy the struggle was REAL.  I decided to work on myself, my relationship with God, and to really study what it meant to be a wife and what marriage really is.  I did not understand the weight of the assignment and that I was under a covenant with my husband and GOD. I begin to take classes, and read articles, books, and the bible all while praying ..Lord ..come get your son down here before I kill him!! 


God told me he would fix him but he had to work on ME FIRST...yall I have never rolled my eyes that hard...but He showed me where I needed work and where I needed to be made whole husband watched me be transformed and he begins to grow as's in the Bible yall ...1 Peter 1-2 BE THE EXAMPLE, let your walk with God be so Holy he has to change!


Being submitted means that I trust GOD..and I trust his decision about who HE chooses to be my husband. 


Submission is a lifelong journey and I want to walk with you!  Let's do marriage in God's way!



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